WRATH is a 2D side scrolling Shoot 'Em Up, made by students at The Game Assembly

Main Responsibilities /

  • AI Programming and Design - I worked on developing movement patterns for the enemies and supporting level designers with Tiled 2D.  I also worked on the foundation of the boss system.

  • Animation - I worked on a generic animation system that could be used for all animated sprites in the project.

  • In-Game GUI - I worked on the systems and implementation of the in-game GUI.

  • Endless Procedural Game Mode- I worked on developing a game mode that endlessly looped pre-made game segments provided by level designers, with increasing difficulty.

  • Audio - I worked on Audio Design and programming, using Wwise.

Production Time : 8 weeks, Half-Time

Genre : 2D Shoot 'Em Up

Play Time  : 30 Minutes

Team Size /