RoboReboot is a 3D top down action shooter, made by students at The Game Assembly.

Main Responsibilities /

  • AI Programming and Design - I worked on the AI design and programming this project, developing behaviour trees and movement patterns, as well as the different AI gameplay loops. This project had 4 distinct AI: Companion Healer, Basic Grunt, Grenadier, Heavy with Shield.

Enemy Grunts, our most common enemy.

Enemy Grenadier, Capable of attacking without Line of Sight.

Allied Companion, Healing our heroine.

Enemy Shield, Defending an injured ally Grenadier.

  • Physics - I worked on further additions to our own physics library, adding Ray and line casting to enable more advanced AI behaviour.

  • Controls - I worked on abstracting away player controls into game-specific commands, making iteration on the player controls an easier process.

  • Gameplay - I assisted other programmers in developing and polishing the core features in the game, most notably the shooting and improvements to collision testing to create better results.

  • Threaded Loading - I also worked on making sure the loading was threaded, and the loading screens this was hidden behind.

Production Time : 10 weeks, Half-Time

Genre : Top Down 3D Action Shooter

Play Time  : 15 Minutes

Team Size /

RoboReboot Gameplay
RoboReboot Gameplay
RoboReboot Gameplay
RoboReboot Gameplay
RoboReboot Gameplay