PROJECT SEVEN is a 3D First Person Shooter, made by students at The Game Assembly.

Main Responsibilities /

  • AI Programming and Design- I was responsible for designing and creating an AI that would respond to a variety of data created by the player, in order to create responsive gameplay. The AI was able to respond to seeing allies in combat, line of sight to the player and player shooting. The AI also used patrol paths and cover points to create movement. The AI also had LOD controlled via the Chamber System.

  • Chamber System - I worked on creating a system to take multiple levels from the Level designers and connecting them seamlessly. This involved loading and the tools to support this. This system also supported seamless threaded level loading, meaning that the player would move from chamber to chamber without loading screens. This also involved adding IDs to the Entity system, allowing easy LODing of Rendering and AI behaviours.

  • Threaded Loading - I worked on threaded loading in this game, making sure that the chamber system was able to load and control entities correctly in our Entity Manager. This also involved creating a system for time-slicing as the Physics system did not support creating PhysX objects threaded, in order to load a number of colliders per frame, from data gathered during the threaded loading.

  • Navmesh System - I was responsible for adapting the navmesh system to support multiple navmeshes and creating a system for finding which navmesh the player currently found themselves on.

  • Gameplay - I worked on early iterations of player shooting, implementing raycasting from the weapon component.

  • Shaders - I worked on implementing a vignette shader feedback when the player is hit, and when healed, as well as a low health warning.

  • Audio - I worked on implementing audio and music design, using Fmod Studio.

Production Time : 10 weeks, Half-Time

Genre : 3D First Person Shooter

Play Time  : 15 Minutes

Team Size /