Jetburst is a 3D Racing game with 6 degrees of freedom, made by students at The Game Assembly.

Main Responsibilities /

  • Physics - I worked on creating a 3D physics library that would allow us to successfully create a racing game,  supporting collision between Spheres, OBBs and AABBs.

  • Player Controls - I worked on polishing some player controls, adding in rotation on turns, to create a better sense of movement for the player.

  • Player Camera - I worked on some shaders to aid with the player camera, adding vignette and blur effects on high speeds, I also worked on FoV changes based on speed.

  • Game Engine - As part of the programming team and this project we all worked on creating a 3D engine in DirectX from the beginning. I also worked on Deferred PBR, assisting with clustered shading and a Freetype 2.0 Implementation.

  • Threaded Loading - I worked on cutscenes and loading, and subsequently combining them, allowing game loading to occur behind cutscenes.

  • Audio - I worked on audio design and programming, using Fmod Studio.

Production Time : 10 weeks, Half-Time

Genre : 3D Racing

Play Time  : 15 Minutes

Team Size /