D.P.L.E.D is a top down orthographic 3D Action Adventure Game, made by students at The Game Assembly

Main Responsibilities /

  • AI Programming and Design - I worked as one of two on developing enemy behaviours as well as Implementing the animation system surrounding them. Primarily syncing behaviours with Animations. Solely Responsible for enemy shooting behaviour.

  • Animation - I worked on a generic animation system that could be used for all animated Sprites in the project.

  • In-Game GUI - I worked on the systems and implementation of the in-game GUI providing the player with all player related information as well as introduction text on levels.

  • Menus - I worked on implementing the menu's into the state stack in this project, controlling the flow of the states.

  • Threaded Loading - I worked on implementing threaded loading and cutscenes to hide it.

  • Audio - I worked on audio design and programming, using Fmod Studio.

Production Time : 8 weeks, Half-Time

Genre : 2D Action Adventure

Play Time  : 30 Minutes

Team Size /