The Book Of Tales is a 2D Point and Click Adventure, made by students at The Game Assembly

Main Responsibilities /

  • Mirror Puzzle - I worked on developing and implementing the two 'mirror and laser puzzles', and the feedback related to it.

  • Pixel Perfect Collision - I worked on the physics systems, including pixel-perfect collision on item/character interaction.

  • Background Animation - I worked as one of two on background animations and interactions, including particle effects, movement patterns and Easter eggs.

  • Inventory System - I worked as one of two on developing the inventory system. Allowing players to carry objects between scenes and interact with them.

  • Item Interaction - I worked as one of two on developing a system for letting the player interact with their magic runes and items, as well as item combination.

Production Time : 8 weeks, Half-Time

Genre : 2D Action Adventure

Play Time  : 30 Minutes

Team Size /